Interactive development club for children INTERNATIONAL KIDS CLUB

Club main objectives:

  • To provide children with progressive, informational potential;
  • To learn children and to give them possibility to actively use obtained knowledge and skills in world exploration;
  • To give children the possibility to create and freely develop their talents;
  • To learn them to adopt leadership, self-assurance and drive for development of the personality;
  • To develop children ability of correct, well-bred  and polite speaking and communication;
  • To help children to be physically, mentally, socially and emotionally developed.

We apply only individual approach to each child, as we take into account, first of all, peculiarities of a child in respect of previously acquired skills.

To achieve our objectives we use:

  • Learning of languages – Ukrainian, Russian, English, Japanese, French, German, Arabic;
  • Mental exercises – logics, thinking, mathematics
  • Dancing and choreography
  • Games – chess 
  • Sport activities – gymnastics, wrestling, baby yoga, football
  • Creative activities - origami, sculpturing, painting
  • Massage for children
  • As well as constant work of speech therapist and psychologist

Your child will develop in the right direction!